Navidsazeh Co., established in 2002, started to operate as the service center of Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan, in city of Bushehr located in Bushehr province, South of Iran. Following its success in Mabarakeh products’ export into the territory and also to the neighbor countries, it began to export “Scrap” to major steel production companies in South Korea like Hyundai Steel Co., etc . Meanwhile, it could establish a good relation with Korean companies and worked as the exclusive agent of Sungjin Company for five years from 2011 to 2016. During that time it did notable works in marketing and business development as Sungjin’s agent and achieved project procurement for South Pars phases 19, 22, 23 & 24, again project procurement for DMC project associated by RIPI and many other tasks ending in Sungjin Co. further involvement in Iran business. In 2016, KEPCO (Pergas Energy Kian Company) established by the founders of Navidsazeh Company, to broaden and maintain marketing and mainly Business developing for all the Korean companies in Iran, while Navidsazeh Co. focus on its initial task as Mobarakeh’s service center in South region of Iran. KEPCO, since its establishment, has been involving in Business Development for Korean companies in major projects and with diversity of Business fields and it could attain a remarkable achievement and satisfaction of its clients which are all among well-known companies.